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ENVECOLOGIC TV is purely ENVECLOGIC’s initiative in its efforts towards generating, organizing and disseminating climate change and natural resources related information. We strongly believe that communication is a strong tool that can be used to strengthen efforts towards combating environmental issues. Sustainability TV is a medium that ENVECOLOGIC has designed to facilitate ‘mass communication’ for large number of viewers across the world.

The environmental problem is multi-dimensional and complex in nature. The challenges of climate change and fast depleting natural resources are by far the most serious issues that the mankind is facing today and ‘Sustainability’ is the only way out. Production, consumption, lifestyle, economic growth policies and development strategies – everything needs to incorporate the sustainability element. It is critical to build a comprehensive understanding of issues and possible solutions and disseminate the information. Dialogues, discussions, talks and deliberations play a very significant role to facilitate this.

Sustainability conferences, symposiums and summits are the occasions when large numbers of people come under one umbrella – they all come from various backgrounds but share the common goal of contributing to the process of sustainable development. In such conferences, there can possibly be only a few intellectuals and experts who deliver keynote speeches. There are, however, many individuals who participate in conferences because they are driven and/or have contributed to this area in some capacity, whose views are also worthwhile. Many of them may be working in the environmental sector for NGOs, some may hail from corporate working for sustainability or others may be researcher or academician. The golden opportunity of learning from the experiences, thoughts and ideas of hundreds of these people is lost in the absence of any means that would allow them to share what can significantly add value to the existing knowledge base and make understanding of environmental issues more comprehensive.

The prime objective of sustainability TV is to bring various thoughts and ideas of people from diverse background on environmental issues and present them in the form of short and objective interviews on a dedicated sustainability channel. In other words, the idea is to make the most of the presence of environmental enthusiasts in a summit by conducting short and meaningful talks, specific to the background of individuals and publishing them online. What adds value to these interviews is that fact the facilitator of the talks is always an environmental expert, and not a journalist. This ensures that the value and objectivity is intact in the most meaningful manner possible, setting it apart from most other commercial media initiated talk sessions.


About Us

Sustainability TV is a web based portal dedicated to information packed interviews focusing on climate change and sustainability related issues. It is purely ENVECLOGIC’s initiative in its efforts towards generating, organizing and disseminating primary research intelligence.

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