C. S. Jadhav, Director, Nandan Cleantec, Hyderabad, India

Mr. Chandra Sekhar Jadhav Director, Nandan Cleantec, Hyderabad, India

Mr.Jadhav outlines the history of the Company’s Bio-Fuel industry profile, which was one of the first in India almost around a decade back. He goes on to describe the market situations as well as government policies that were present at that time, on which the Company’s future growth was dependent. The foundations of the Company itself were laid on Farming rather than commercial biofuel production, this Mr. Jadhav asserts gave them the edge and helped them to develop holistically.

Nandan Cleantech has a diverse portfolio and is bullish on the growth aspects the reason being tremendous market potential. He affirms that the company has always identified itself as a sustainable energy company from the beginning and thus always proceeded responsibly taking the environmental factors into consideration.The target areas for the cultivation of bio-fuel crops of the Company are marginal lands; therefore they do not pose any threat with regards to land used for the growth of agricultural crops. He emphasizes that innovation has always been the backbone of the company. Currently the Company spends around 6-8% of its revenue on Research and Development, since it’s the most critical aspect for Company’s growth.

Mr.Jadhav identifies the major challenges faced by Nandan Cleantech in the future to be Organized research, Scaling of Operations and expanding the company’s horizons into new verticals. He states that presently Crude Oil has a lower cost per barrel than the Bio-Fuel. But he feels that with the inevitable rise in crude oil prices and research being done on the bio- fuels; there seems to be potential in producing the bio Fuel at around 70$ / barrel in the future as compared to the crude Oil’s 80$/Barrel cost currently. Since the food prices are directly related to the Oil prices, which add up due to the transportation sector; therefore in the future it is inevitable to strike a balance between the Oil consumption and Food prices so as to put a check on ever increasing food prices.
He talks about the scope and the increasing focus of the company to be the Aviation sector, since it is showing a lot of promise. The Company is confident it can help by providing Aviation fuel thereby reducing emissions and help Aviation companies stay with the future emissions policies.
The Company expects to add up to 30-40% to its total turnover by foraying in this sector.
On the Crop cultivation front the Company has already gone global but Mr. Jadhav says that the Indian Market will remain the first priority by supplying the Bio-fuel to transport sector and Indian Aviation Industry.
Mr.Jadhav says that ten years from now the Company sees itself as the sole Sustainable Bio-Fuel company with a target of cultivating 1 million hectares spread across various countries, verticals with Bio-Diesel remaining as the Primary Market product of the company.

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