Daniel Lewis, Grenada Delegation – COP 11, India

Mr. Daniel Lewis, Grenada, Cartagena Protocol Primary NFP

Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment

Mr. Daniel Lewis gives us an overview of the contemporary situation in Grenada and its ecosystems. The approach and that their Government have adopted for companies in order to ensure that no environmental damage is done.

It has been the priority of the nation to conserve the Marine and terrestrial diversity and goes on to describe the measures taken to preserve it. He talks about the misconception regarding marine resources as a finite resource that can be exhausted.

Mr. Lewis also talks about the pervasiveness of the alien species that negatively impacts biodiversity, describes the impact on economy and how it affected Grenada. He talks extensively about the loss of the ecosystems and also the economy in Grenada due to the Climate change and the measure that The Government of Grenada has successfully implemented in order to check and eliminate the pollution by the residents. He gives examples about the negative impacts our activities have on the ecosystems and suggests that everything is intertwined right from the pesticide use to the daily livelihood of the people. He goes on to describe the relation between these two.
Thus it is very important to understand the relation between the livelihood and biodiversity.

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