Dr Jacqueline Alder, Head, Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems Branch of Environmental Policy Implementation, UNEP

Dr Jacqueline Alder is currently the Head of the Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems Branch of Environmental Policy Implementation at UNEP.

Before she joined UNEP, Jacqueline was a Marine and Fisheries Policy Analyst and Researcher at the Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada (2001-2008) and in Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia (1995-2001).
She has an extensive experience working with governments, researchers, NGOs and coastal fishing communities throughout the Asia and Pacific Regions, Australia and Canada. She has published numerous articles in a range of peer-reviewed journals, books and co-authored the popular book Coastal Planning and Management. She has worked extensively on coral reef island communities and marine-protected area management and has keen appreciation of the impacts of climate change on oceans and coast, as well as what the future holds for marine and coastal communities. Dr. Jacqueline obtained her B.Sc. (Hons.) in Canada and a PhD in Marine-Protected Area Management in Australia.

Dr. Jacqueline Alder emphasizes the need to protect biodiversity both inside and outside of areas of national jurisdiction. She talks about the focal area and the contributions needed in order to ensure the safety of biodiversity. She cites a particular example of a successful protection and conservation of biodiversity. Dr. Alder asserts that future is optimistic till these guidelines are taken care of and adhered to. She also shows how this is linked to making a Green economy.

The major hurdle, she informs is mainly the awareness among coastal communities about the preservation of flora and fauna and the advantages it would have on the economy as a whole.

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