H.E. Daniel Samba Mukoko Vice Prime Minister & Minister of Budget Democratic Republic of Congo

H.E. Daniel Samba Mukoko is the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of Budget of Democratic Republic of Congo, and has nearly two decades of experience in university teaching, research and practice in the areas of economic development policy, development, planning, and projects management. He has been involved in formulating policies and strategies, education and training, research, community mobilization, and speech writing. Prof. Mukoko holds a PhD in Economics from Institute of Socioeconomic Planning, Tsukuba University (Japan); Master ‘s degree in Economics from Oita University (Japan); and Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Option Mathematical Economics, Université de Kinshasa. He was Deputy Director of Cabinet in charge of economic, financial, and monetary issues (February 2009 to 28 April 2012) and National Economist, Head of the Political Unity and Strategies (January 2003-January 2009). He has been Professor, Faculty of Economics (since October 1997), Université de Kinshasa and at Université Kongo. Besides these, Prof. Mukoko has held several teaching and faculty positions.

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