Jasdev Singh Rai, Repository for the World views on Nature, UNESCO

Mr.Jasdev Singh Rai Repository for the World views on Nature, UNESCO

Mr. Rai is heading The Repository for the World views on Nature, UNESCO and describes it’s objectives and goals in India, which in the long term will help in facilitating its policies for the local people.

Mr. Rai first introduces the Repository project undertaken by UNESCO and its inspirations. He also gives an overview how the UN is gaining a clear understanding of the diversity of cultures of the various countries in order for them to actively participate. He then describes the initial phase of the Repository Project and the initial resistance; he had to overcome in order to reconcile The United Nation’s contemporary policies.

The Project’s vision is to strike a chord with people all over the globe by taking their cultural and ethical values of environmental conservation into account. He gives an account of the efforts being undertaken by the UN to achieve this. He also states its advantages and says that a localize framework that takes the local cultures and traditions into account will help it to gain acceptance.

He says that conservation has been omnipresent in the evolution of any culture and so essentially it is not a new aspect and says that the way forward is the awakened common man who should be responsible and connect with these efforts. Then he gives specific examples how common men having no professional knowledge with regards to environmental science or conservation have been successful in leading conservation efforts.

In conclusion, he emphasizes that the challenge that The United Nations faces currently. He is of the belief that The UN can learn from the Indian civilization’s thinking which promotes plurality by acceptance of other cultures and value systems

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