Karuna A. Singh, Country Director ,Earth Day India

Karuna A. Singh, Country Director (India), Earth Day Network

Karuna A. Singh is currently the Country Director for Earth Day India. Prior to this, she worked at the State Department’s US Consulate in Kolkata. Her focus has been on environmental affairs and she organized various seminars, workshops, film screenings, and other events to build awareness about climate change and other environmental issues among a wide spectrum of audiences, from the senior-level policy makers to the grassroots NGOs. Her work area covered 12 states in the east and northeast India, a region with a population of around 300 million. Karuna has also helped put together cross-border programs on subjects such as Coastal Zone Management. She is also one of the select few people who were trained by former U.S. Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore to make presentations on climate change issues.

Karuna Singh discusses the role of women in environmental issues. She asserts that women have a special role to play in protecting biodiversity, especially as repositories of traditional knowledge. She speaks more widely on the role of women in the post-carbon economy, referencing the Earth Day Network’s ‘Women and the Green Economy’ (WaGE) campaign. Singh tells about the people’s enthusiastic response and the ways to get involved in the environmental issues in India. But, she says that the lack of awareness is a major roadblock to be overcome for the successful implementation Indian environmental movement. Singh also talks about the framework and the approach needed to solve these problems.

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