Kusum Karnik, Founder, Shashwat for Protection & Growth of Urban & Rural Environment

Kusum Karnik, Founder

Shashwat for Protection & Growth of Urban & Rural Environment

Kusum Karnik, Shashwat for Protection & Growth of Urban & Rural Environment discusses her work helping people living in designated wildlife sanctuaries. Her group has campaigned against evictions from newly designated national parks arguing that it is the historical residents of the parks, that are best placed to preserve them.

Mrs. Karnik suggests a major flaw revealing that contemporary Policies that lead to eviction of local tribal people living in proximity to wildlife sanctuaries are not satisfactory. She goes onto show this will  be more damaging than helpful to the environment as well as the people.
Mrs. Karnik gives an overview of the work her Organization Shaashwat is doing in order to change the Governmental Policy maker’s mindsets regarding these tribes and also the various activities that Shashwat has undertaken for betterment of society.

She gives a brief explanation on the importance of conservation of forests and its long term sustainability. The challenges that Shashwat faces are majorly communication problem since they deal with tribal people, but she goes on to say these people have a strong sense of connection to the forest and have an emotional relation with forests. She shows how its these people who can conserve the forests.
Thus she talks extensively on the measures and policies that the Government can adopt to proceed with the conservation of the forests.


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